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Niche FS Team

The Team

We’re a unique blend. Our team have a wealth of experience being developers, brokers, account managers, accountants and solicitors with over a century of combined financial services experience. This means we’re well placed to help you overcame any potential obstacles or challenges. More importantly we’re ordinary people that speak to you in plain english without the jargon.

Nick Baldwin

Partner and Chief Executive Officer

Nick is passionate about Niche FS adopting a practical, simple and streamlined process that is geared to reducing the stress that people feel in managing finance. His principal focus is ensuring that clients are treated fairly in all their interactions with Niche FS with each client being valued.

Chartered Accountant
Owner/Partner of Niche FS and Premier Financial Recoveries
Previously owner of one of the largest specialist finance brokers in the UK.

Character traits

Analytical, detail driven, calm and composed, solutions driven and determined.

Peter Guntrip


Peter is passionate about getting the right financial solution for his clients. He is responsible for sales and advice and focusses on this by making sure we adopt his philosophy and use technology to improve access to financial products and advice.

Owner/Partner of Niche FS and Premier Financial Recoveries
Previously owner of APS Mortgages which was one of the largest remortgage brokers in the UK.

Character traits

Never gives up, likes to see things through, makes decisions quickly and pragmatic.

Tim Guntrip

Operations Manager

Tim runs the show behind the scenes. He is seriously into music and brings his creative skills into the business to find ways we can deal with client requests as efficiently as possible and makes sure our staff have the right tools and systems to get the right products in place.

Character traits

Analytical and detail driven, statistical and numerical and a fast decision maker.

Sarah Clark

Senior Underwriter

Sarah has worked in the financial industry for over 17 years, starting her career with BCS Loans and Mortgages, where she acquired and honed valuable experience. She is an expert at underwriting and packaging and always goes the extra mile to fit the right product to the customer’s needs.

She is responsible for maintaining our relationships with introducers ensuring that all cases are dealt with quickly, efficiently and with professionalism. She endeavours to utilise her substantial experience to provide the best possible service and has been with us from the start, and an invaluable part of our team.

Chris Bastin

Mortgage Advisor

Chris is a vital part of our team who goes the extra mile to delivering the best service for you.

Heather Coughlin

Business Development Manager

She has extensive experience working in financial services and is a key part of our team in developing long term relationships with our partners.

Jody Binding

Accounts Manager

The finance guru behind the scenes, who helps to assess applications, carry out due diligence whilst working closely with all stakeholders to progress cases to completion.

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