Mezzanine Funding for London Development


A developer, who we regularly assist, had terms produced for a site in London, to build out two houses on one plot with a GDV of £12m. We had already secured him the £4m senior debt and he was financing the rest of the site from his own equity, which was a combination of capital he already held and the sale of one of his current developments.


It became apparent quite quickly leading up to completion that the sale of his current development would not happen in the timescales expected and as such required another £1.8m as a mezzanine fund. As we already had extensive files on the development, terms were secured for the developer the same day, the lead times for completion were not disrupted and the completion deadline was met by all parties.

Development Facility: £1.8m

Term: 12 months

GDV: £12m

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